Is Nano CBD Better than CBD? Exploring the Science Behind It.

Is Nano CBD Better than CBD? Exploring the Science Behind It.

When it comes to CBD, you may have heard that Nano CBD is a game-changer, offering higher bioavailability and increased effectiveness compared to regular CBD. But what exactly makes Nano CBD superior? To understand this, let's take a closer look at the fascinating world of nanotechnology.

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology, as defined by National Geographic, involves the study and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. For a detailed exploration of this subject, reminiscent of an 8th-grade science class, you can watch this informative video on nanotechnology

Here’s the cliff notes version for those short on time:

A nanometer is an astonishingly tiny unit of measurement, equivalent to one billionth of a meter. To put it in perspective, the average human hair has a diameter of about 80,000 nanometers!

Our bodies are already brimming with nano-sized structures such as proteins, DNA, and cells. When we talk about Nano CBD, it means that the CBD molecules have been broken down into nanometer-sized particles. This breakdown simplifies the absorption process for the body, reducing the effort required.

Here's a basic analogy to help visualize the concept:


Imagine you're at the beach with a colander, (you know, the thing you use to strain pasta) and you scoop up a mixture of rocks, shells, and sand. As you shake the colander, what passes through with the least resistance? The small sand particles.

Our bodies operate similarly. When we ingest CBD, our bodies readily filter through the smallest particles. Subsequently, our digestive system works to break down the larger molecules into more absorbable sizes. Anything too large or requiring excessive processing gets discarded.

Regular CBD molecules are akin to the large rocks in our colander, leading to what the National Library of Medicine describes as "low bioavailability". The body struggles to break them down, resulting in a significant portion of regular CBD being excreted as waste, sometimes as much as 75%.

In contrast, nanotechnology enhances the "solubility, permeability, and ultimately, the bioavailability" of CBD, as praised in the same article.


Nano CBD Saves You Money

piggy bank

Perhaps it’s because I am a mom of two boys, that using visual analogies has become my go-to way of explaining. It works. Mostly. Except for cleaning their rooms…I haven’t found an analogy yet that motivates them to pick up their stinky sports socks.

Whatever the reason, let me leave you with one more comparison between regular CBD and nano CBD.

Imagine if every time you bought a gallon of milk, your child dumped 75% of the gallon down the drain.

It goes without saying that you’d be less than impressed. “What a waste of money!” you’d say. Even if you bought the gallon of milk on sale, or it was the cheapest brand, no one likes to pour money down the drain. Right? 

Well, if you’re buying regular CBD, you’re doing just that. 

Do yourself a favor and jump on the Nano-CBD train. Your body, and your wallet, will thank you.

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