Product FAQ

What does "Nano Infused" CBD mean?

"Nano" means "very small or minute." Our CBD molecules are broken down into nano-meters (one billionth of a meter!) to increase absorption.

Most regular CBD distillates on the market are only about 30% bioavailable ... that leaves a lot of wasted product.

With our Nano CBD you get up to 100% bioavailability! Maximum Absorption = Maximum Relief!

How do I know which product to choose?

There are two main ways to experience the benefits of CBD - ingestion and topical application. Tinctures and Gummies are a great way for CBD to work from the inside out, whereas the muscle cream is great for targeted relief on muscle and joint discomfort from the outside in!

Tip: Use both simultaneously to double down on discomfort!

What's the difference between the tincture and gummies?

Tinctures are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and are generally absorbed more quickly, making them a great option for faster relief. Some people prefer the yummy flavor of gummies to get their daily dose of Nano CBD. It all comes down to personal preference!

Do your products contain THC?

No! We currently formulate all of our products with Broad Spectrum Nano CBD that is THC free!

What does Broad Spectrum mean?

Broad Spectrum products contain almost every compound found in the hemp plant with one key element missing: THC.

CBD has been shown to have more benefits when combined with other beneficial plant compounds which is why we keep them in!

  • Nano Infused CBD

    Made with USA organically grown hemp, you can trust that our nano-infused CBD is created with exceptional care and quality.

    We use CO2 extraction to ensure a clean product, free of unwanted chemicals or unnecessary fillers.

    Nano-technology breaks the CBD molecule down to microscopic, easily digestible sizes so your body can absorb it quickly and effectively.

    Maximum Absorption = Maximum Relief

    Our products are always third-party tested to guarantee our commitment to excellence.

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